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Caught at the intersection of faith and tradition, Sarah must decide. 
Dive into Sarah’s life as she makes the choice that will forever change her life.

Amara is a beautiful, smart, young woman. Being highly sought-after, she enjoys a life she tags deluxe. Pregnancy knocks on her door at thirty-two, widening her horizon, and she realises love has multiple definitions.

What is it to love?
What is it to be loved?
What definition of love is true?
Find out in this inspiring book, LOVED.

What kind of ride will you prefer when going on a journey?
How much value do you place on your comfort? 
What will you do when you find out you have just boarded a One Chance vehicle?

Read about the adventure of Bridget Folawe in this life-changing, mind-blowing, and inspiring book: ONE CHANCE.

For the Olakanmi family, challenges come in different shades.

Yemi learns of his new medical diagnosis and weighs his options, to seek a miracle or embrace what medical science has to offer.

Lucy Olakanmi believes in perfection, but when pregnancy creeps in against all odds, she must reconsider.

To earn the title Mrs, Fikemi is ready to go to the end of the world. What result will her journey yield?

‘In this Tent’ is an inspiring and riveting story of a family as they journey through life.

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